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Four Bean and Cheese Pupusas

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A pupusa is a Salvadorian dish made with corn or rice dough, containing a vegetarian or non-vegetarian filling! Bean and cheese (Frijole con Queso) is our most popular choice of filling. Our bean and cheese pupusa is unique because it's 100% vegetarian and doesn't contain any lard. Our refried beans are cooked for several hours, so we can bring out those savory, nutty notes that we know you will love when you take a bite of our pupusas. 

What makes our pupusa so unique? When you buy our pupusas, you aren't just buying a product; you are experiencing a piece of our culture. Our consumers love our flavor, the colors, and the satisfaction of having an easy-to-make home-cooked meal.

Pupusas are traditionally eaten with curtido or mild salsa, making it the perfect compliment. 

We ship them frozen and comes with four in the colors of Traditional, Purple, Green and Pink.

Product Made in the USA